MasterFormat ’04 vs Convergence

A Class about Construction Specifications and the Trend towards Convergence

After taking this class, participants will learn what MasterFormat ’04 is, be able to list the divisions within the standard, know how to convert MasterFormat ’95 to the new format, understand the value for convergence, and be able to list the areas in a building that need to be converged within the specifications.

Once enrolled in the course, participants will have access to all materials pertaining to the course. The course is self-paced, so the participant is able to complete the work at a comfortable speed. The course includes 5 modules. Each module contains the following:

  1. Video lessons: Internet lectures are given by Eric J. Marshall, RCDD, TECH, NTS, Certified Trainer. The videos range in length, from 10-25 minutes, totaling to 5 hours of content.
  2. PDF handouts: The handouts contain the drawings that are presented during the video lessons. Participants are encouraged to print out the notes to follow along during the presentation.
  3. Quizzes: After completing each module, participants take a quiz. At the end of all the modules is a test that must be passed in order to receive certification.
  4. Question Forum: Participants have the ability to ask questions or share opinions using the provided forum.


RCDD RITP Installer-2 Certified-Trainer Technician
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Purchasing Infomation for Master Format ’04 vs Convergence

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