AutoCAD Basics

A Class about How to Use AutoCAD and its Applications in the Industry

This class will not only give you an introduction to AutoCAD and the CAD world, but will also give you an inside look at best practice for design and drawing creation, quick and easy tips to help you perform at your peak speed, and common examples of real-world CAD circumstances and events that can arise in your day-by-day CAD routines.

Each video has a hands on task to complete (you can download ACAD demo if you do not have ACAD) and submit for review and feedback.

At the end of the course you will be given an assignment to draw a floor plan of your office or home and submit for review and certificate of completion.

In the 7 units we will cover:

1. An overview of ACAD

2. Objects and shapes

3. Altering objects

4. Object management

5. Adding Text

6. Drawing Management

7. Linking Drawings

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