Administration Series

This course will cover the information that a person working in the office or managing a project will need. Even if you have good installers in the field the company will not be successful unless the office administration is in order.  Additionally, there are tasks that the office administration will do that will generate profit for a company.  
  • From Guesstimating to Estimating - How to do estimating
  • What can you tell me about the campus or building?  - How to do a pre-project site survey
  • Submit This - How to do Job Planning
  • Don’t Lose the Money in your wallet - How to do purchasing & inventory
  • You Go Here and You Go There - How to Schedule
  • What did you do? - How to document the project and create As-builts
  • Finish Strong - How to create a punch lists & closeout the project
  • Paper is Money - How to do paper work & forms needed on projects

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