Drawings and Specifications Series

This is one of the two courses we are presently working on.  The AV Systems Series is the other.

Drawings are pictorial representations of the system and specifications are written descriptions of the system that we are designing or installing.  This course will teach what are the essentials for drawings and specs and how to create and use them properly.  Note: Installers should learn how to create specs and drawings for design build projects and drawings for doing as-builts.

  • Introduction
  • SAME T - Drawing set
  • 1:3 or 1”=15’ - Working with scales
  • Look it up - Abbreviations, symbols, & keynotes
  • How do I use AutoCad?  - ACAD basics
  • There is a Bookshelf in the Way­ – How to coordinate drawings
  • What is it supposed to look like? – Blueprint layout
  • Missouri Drawings – Details & diagrams
  • Tell me about it – Written specifications
  • The Drawings Say This and the Specs Say That – Conflict resolution
  • I hate changes – How to coordinate the drawings and specs to make MAC work easier

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