AV Systems

This is one of the two courses we are presently working on.  The Drawings and Specifications Series is the other.

This is our first course dealing with specific systems.  Audio Video systems is a growing market and this course will teach you all you need to know to estimate, design, and install AV Systems.

  • Consumer, Professional, and Prosumer – A Look at AV source devices and advice for putting them into your system
  • Digital vs Analog - A look at the differences between analog and digital and how they effect your AV system
  • Interactive AV - A look at the options available for creating interactive AV systems and the pros and cons of each
  • Connect It! – A look at connectors and cables used in AV systems
  • Process It! – A look at how to process the signal and considerations for each tool 
  • See It!  - A look at what options are available for video displays and how to put into a system
  • Mount It! - A look at what options are available for mounting electronics in an AV system 
  • Hear It! - A look at audio systems and considerations for AV system 
  • Store It and Stream It! - A look at how to record and stream the AV system output 
  • Control It! –  A look at how to control devices in our system and to integrate with other systems
  • Place It! – A look at different room layouts
  • IP AV  - A look at how to do AV over IP systems and the considerations involved with using this option
  • Build It – A look at how to design and install unique AV systems
  • A Dash of This… – A look at two installations where paging and AV were merged
  • Twisted Pair AV – How to do an AV system entirely using twisted pair

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