Pathway and Spaces Series

All cables need to get from point A to point B.  This course will teach the options available, how to select the best option, and how to properly install that pathway to send a signal physically over cable or wirelessly.  The course will also address the concerns and how to install the spaces that cables pass through and where they initiate.

  • Introduction
  • Through Conduit – Conduits sizes, types, & couplings.  Includes conduit bending & preparation
  • How to Hang – Options for supports, fasteners, & anchors as well as how to install
  • Exposed Areas and Overhead – Raceway & cable tray types, sizes, & accessories
  • What’s Below Us? – Underground / Floor Systems
  • Think Inside the Box­ - Options for outlet boxes, pull boxes, and STC
  • Through the Air – factors to consider when sending signals wirelessly
  • How do I get there – factors to consider when determining pathways
  • The Most Neglected Pathway Task – Grounding and bonding specific to pathways
  • We are Installing Flame Throwers – What is fire stop and how to do it properly
  • Central Control – Head-end build out

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