Testing and Troubleshooting Series

Because we assemble systems in the field we have to test to make sure they are installed correctly.  Unfortunately, over time something may malfunction in a system and you will have to locate the fault and correct it.  This course will train you how to test and troubleshoot cabling and electronics. 
  • What does this Gizmo do? - What tools are needed and how to use them
    • Volt-ohm meter
    • Continuity tester
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Megohm meter (Megger)
    • Lineman’s test set
    • Cable identifiers
    • Certification testers
    • Audio meters
    • Wireless meters
  • Step 1 Check Connections - Troubleshooting procedures
  • All I do is Press AutoTest, Right? - Testing procedures
  • What Did you do?  - How to document & track procedures
  • Why Does It Do That?  - Understanding causes of failure
  • IT Doesn’t Work!  - How to get customers to communicate what is wrong with a system
  • Would You Like Some Insurance? -  Preventative maintenance

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