Construction Series

Since all low voltage systems are installed within buildings and often on construction projects,  this course will teach the basics about construction.  This series will teach what materials are used in general for construction and specifically how commercial and residential buildings are built.  Terminology and coordination tasks/skills will be given to use when interacting with other trades.  In addition, how to suspend/hang, move, and store materials will be addressed.

*This series will have interactive flash presentations and movie clips in addition to the lessons.

  • Wood, Steel, Concrete… – Overview of building materials
  • Pioneer Skills - How residential buildings are built
  • Let’s Build a Store – How commercial buildings are built
  • Hang and Stay - Overview of fasteners & anchors
  • Move that Over There, Please – Overview of basic rigging
  • Put That in the Closet, Please – Overview of materials handling
  • How does anything ever get built? – Overview of project scheduling and coordination

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