Safety Series

Sometimes the word “safety”” is spelled with a dollar sign in place of the letter S – $afety.  This is because companies can make or lose money depending on their safety program.  This course will teach what safety hazards there are while working on low voltage and how to prevent accidents.  We will also cover proper procedures to do in case of an emergency.

  • Hello OSHA – What is it OSHA and its impact on us
  • Safety 101 – Basic safety & reducing risk
  • Do you have a card? – First Aid
  • Put your Goggles and Hard Hat on – Personal Protective equipment
  • Ouch! – Shock & electrical hazards
  • Don’t look down – Ladders & scaffolds
  • Pick that up - Lifts, hoists, & cranes
  • 1-2-3-Lift - Lifting
  • Claustrophobia – Confined Spaces
  • What is in the air – Solvents & vapors (toxics)
  • Why is that guy dressed like an astronaut - Asbestos
  • Water or powder? – Fire hazards & dealing with burns (batteries)
  • Uh Oh, Now What? – Accident procedures

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