RCDD Test Prep

An Archive of Live Web Training Reviewing the BICSI TDMM Manual

This course is an archive of online tutoring done by Eric J Marshall (RCDD, NTS, TECH, and BICSI Installation Program Trainer) with two individuals as they were preparing to take the BICSI RCDD exam. The archive contains 36 hours of training time and other study aids covering in entirety the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM).

The 11th edition was used at the time of recordings and today’s exam is based on the 12th edition. HOWEVER, 90% of the content in the 12th edition is also in the 11th edition (11th is missing a chapter on Healthcare and has some items from the installation manual added – Eric mentions some of those items since he is an installation trainer). In addition, today’s exam also tests for knowledge of application and not just book content. While reviewing the content, Eric addressed several application situations. Therefore the tutoring sessions are still applicable to preparing for today’s exam.

As a bonus, when this class is purchased the NEW 12th edition test prep software program created by E.R.I.C. Training and each chapter’s question pack (as the are completed) will be included.

This software program will ask a question from every paragraph in the 12th edition TDMM. You select the quantity of questions and whether you want to time yourself and for how long. Therefore, you can simulate the exam or create shorter quizzes. There are so many questions that each time it will be like you are taking the exam rather than reviewing and memorizing questions and answers which are not on the test! In addition you can choose to answer the questions in test mode or open book. When studying open book a page reference is given with each question so you can read the paragraph in the manual and see how the question and answers are taken from there.

This class also has four additional resources to help learn the material in the TDMM:

1.) Audio files asking questions and giving answers

2.) Fill in the blanks of key sentences from TDMM -11th edition

3.) Diagram Reviews – Flash presentation showing the diagrams from the 11th edition and highlighting key information to help retain information better.

4.) Access to an online forum where you can ask Eric J Marshall and other students questions.

Purchasing Infomation for RCDD Test Prep

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